You can see me dancing in the new INCUBUS music video for ABSOLUTION CALLING!
The new Chrysler 200 commercial with Fergie! Check me out in the passenger seat!!

You can see me in the new FERGIE music video LA LOVE! this was awesome filming this with her, I'm also in the Chrysler spot at the end!

Below - the cast of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON live spectacular Dreamworks, performing in Beijing, China!

Music Jammin With Keely Stinner covering FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna, Kanye West & paul McCartney!!

The cast of How to Train Your Dragon live spectacular Dreamworks - in BEIJING CHINA!!
Recently on my trip to Australia I taught a contemporary class!
Latest video up - Dancing in the rain to Lana Del Ray's Young & Beautiful!

Had great fun kicking ass in this alleyway! Breakdance, battles, ballet and blood!
Got to dance in Julia Price & Ari Herstand's video cover of Ellie Goulding's BURN. Get this song on iTunes at
My latest dance video is up on Youtube! Just a quick late night freestyle to one of my favorite composers, Andrew Bird (
Hollywood Film Festival screening of HOME, photo from behind the scenes on set!