"HEY I'M SMAC"

I don't really know how to best explain my social media other than it's a Variety Show! A recipe made up of 1 part professional, 2 parts dance, 3 parts comedy, 46 parts WTF and about 92 parts for everything else in between which I think adds up to "hey did you see that girl who imitated a cat?" with the occasional "where do I know her from, is this Lindsey Lohan?" and the singular "You're on the front page of Reddit" which my neighbour yelled at me as I was walking to my car one day.
Ever since I had access to a camera at 10yrs old I've absolutely loved creating short form, vignette, teaser-trailer, DIY avant-garde music video type stuff, which we now call "content". I'm obsessed with creating and love that these platforms such as IG/TIKTOK/Youtube have positively acknowledge my professionally-unpolished mish-mash style of videos. I'm often a one-woman production, which is proven easier than me trying to explain what I need help with to others, and I typically produce 1-10 videos a day across my (way too many) accounts that cover all things personal life, career, dance, comedy, art, small business, pets, vlogging and other stuff that I don't know how to categorize. It's been a fun ride so far and I'm chuffed to say I've got a deep pocket full of viral moments! Whether you've just come across my name and are still wondering how to pronounce it or maybe you've been part of my "content-creator" journey since the early 2000's, I'm grateful you've stopped by! In the last year social media has totally become a full-time job (while still working my full-time career alongside running my full-time business and living my full-time life.) Although I've worked professionally in the entertainment industry for the last 15yrs as an actor, dancer, comedian, choreographer and photographer, I definitely  feel my authenticity, personal style and passion for creativity is best represented when doing my self-curated content and I'm flattered that people seem to want to follow me and my journey for that!