Smac McCreanor

Smac has worked as a professional dancer for 15+ years featuring in TV, A-list music videos, international live performance, tours and events. She is proficient in jazz, contemporary, commercial hip hop, musical theatre, freestlye and more, though she is most fondly known for her charismatic performances in disco-jazz with a nod to comedic detail. Smac has also worked as a choreographer, creative director and movement coach for artists, commercials, music videos and short film. 

Other movement-based skills include stunts, harness & wire work, dance-acrobatics, advanced yoga, hand-to-hand fight choreography, partnering and roller-skating! 

Represented by BLOC Talent Agency Los Angeles


  • "So You Think You Can Dance" S16 Boogie Wonderland viral audition

  • "Liza on Demand" guest star Aerin S01E08, Choreographer       Asiel Hardison,

  • "Mr. Iglesias" Netflix S01E05, choreographer Cris Judd

  • "The Voice" backup dancer, choreographer HiHat 

  • The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon with "Karol G", choreographer Lindsey B & Craig 

  • "JESSE" Disney Channel S03E08, choreographer Becca Sweitzer

  • Jimmy Kimmel "Logic", choreographer Kat Burns

  • "Little Big Shots" S02, choreographer Chantel Robson

  • "Unleashed" Nickelodeon S01E04, choreographer Caitlin Wheeler


  • DUA LIPA "Swan Song" - choreographer Toogie, Director Floria Sigismond

  • Nicki Minaj "Tusa" - Choreographer Lindsey B, director Mike Ho

  • LOGIC "Black Spiderman" - Choreographer Kat Burns, Director  

  • MUSE "Pressure" - Choreographer Erin Murray, Director Lance Drake

  • NICKI MINAJ "Hey Mama" - Director Hannah Lux Davis

  • FERGIE "LA love" - Choreographer Fatima Robinson DNA Productions 

  • INCUBUS "Absolution Calling" - Choreographer Katrina Amarto Director Brantley Gutierrez

  • ARASHI "Turning Up" - Choreographer Natsuki Miya

  • WALK OFF THE EARTH "Rule The World" - Choreographer Chris Downey Director John Poliquin

  • GHOST "Dance Macabre" - Choreographer Jasmine Albuquerque Director Zev Deans

  • G.E.M "Heartbeat" - Directed by Hannah Lux Davis

  • AMEN MUSTANG "Lover in Disguise" - principal dancer and choreographer  

  • MARIANAN’S TRENCH "This is war" - Choreographer Hok Konishi, Directed by Anthony Chirco

  • DJ TIGERLILY "Faith" - 

  • ZEDD "True colors"- Director Jon Desbiens 

  • PEPE AGUILAR "Maria" - Choreographer Katrina Amarato, Director Pepe Vasquez/

Stage + Live performance

  • DREAMWORKS How To Train Your Dragon World Spectacular        - Lead, Astrid

  • Kanye West Australian tour dancer - Choreographer Yemi Ad

  • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Paley Fest  - Choreographer Marguerite Derricks 

  • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Cinespia premiere - Choreographer Marguerite Derricks 

  • NIKE Headquarters  - Choreographer Hok Konishi + Quest Crew

  • "Raggle Taggle" dance comedy hour, UCB, Directed by Kat Burns

  • "GREASE" QPAC Harvest Rain Theatre, Dancer/cheerleader

  • "Jesus Christ Superstar" QPAC Harvest Rain Theatre

  • "Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" QPAC Harvest Rain Theatre


  • Vroom - choreographer Mandy Moore

  • All State Insurance - choreographer HiHat

  • SleepNumber - choreographer Tamara Levinson

  • Facebook VR - Choreographer Denna Thompson, stunts Pat Romano

  • KFC - Choreographer Denna Thompson

  • Honda Civic - stunts Pat Romano

  • NBC Peacock - Choreographer Troy Kirby, assisted by Smac

  • Kohl's/Nine West - Choreographer Jessica Castro

  • Jockey - Choreographer Ayesha Orange

  • Rooms To Go - choreographer Tamara Levinson

  • SoFi - choreographer Matt Steffanina

  • Marshall's - choreographer HiHat/Kenny Ortega


  • SYTYCD audition "Boogie Wonderland"

  • NBC Peacock national commercial, assistant choreographer

  • Amen Mustang "Lover in Disguise" music video

  • "Piano Man" Las Vegas cabaret show 

  • UCB "Raggle Taggle" guest performer

  • Iris Official "Don't Wait Up" music video

  • Iris Official "Dark of the Night" music video