"Finally an interpretive dance that makes sense"

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Actress • Dancer • Comedian • Artist • Professional Idiot

This is always weird and uncomfortable but I guess I should tell you a bit about who I am! Hi I'm Smac (pron. Smack) an Aussie girl based in LA. Professionally speaking I work as an actor, dancer and comedian, Social Media-ly speaking I work as an offbeat creative artist and am known as an overall internet professional idiot...then in my down time I co-own and run two production studio businesses with my boyfriend and live my best life as a wannabe set/interior designer, vintage car lover, disco diva and house bunny owner. I enjoy staying in doors and sleeping in. 

Long story short I've always wanted to make people laugh. My childhood self, which is pretty identical to my now self, never thought i'd get to this stage but here we are, so thanks for potentially smirking at my work or at least enjoying it! You guys on the internet have played a huge role in this journey, thanks guys!

And now for NFT's! 

ok but why and how?

Well, it all started at the end of 2020 when I came across a viral video of the beloved Official Hydraulic Press Channel, whom are infamously known for producing Oddly Satisfying videos of objects being squished by a Hydraulic Press Machine.

The internet loves them, the internet also loves to "react" to them. However, all the reaction videos I would see were...to put it bluntly...boring as heck. Picture your typical attractive youthful influencer using their face to duet the HydraulicPress videos and seemingly, doing nothing. Is that called a thirst trap? I don't know. I was bored though.

And nothing motivates my creativity more than seeing people do literally nothing when they could be doing....something. So I did the something by becoming the something.

"I'll just BE the object"

And Interpretive Hydraulic Press Dance had commenced. 

To date I have created 65 episodes accumulating close to 300 million views.  And thanks to the internet my videos have spread widely being shared, reposted, meme-ified, written about, featured on TV, flagged as inappropriate, criticized, adored, customized and of course uncredited and stolen. 

One thing still remained the same though, I was always duetting  a Hydraulic press video sourced from the numerous well known HP channels. (100% crediting them where necessary of course!) however in the world of creativity and copyright these sourced videos weren't 100% mine, and often overlaid with music and branding. 

SO, I did what any hydraulic press dance artist would do and


And with that I can now officially produce and share, under my name as the original and sole creator, this oddly satisfying, dumb and sarcastic nod to performance art series to the NFT community. 

Hydraulic Press Girl.

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