"HEY, I'M SMAC" 

I don't really know how to best describe my social media content other than it's a Variety Show! A recipe made up of 1 part professional, 2 parts dance, 3 parts self-deprecating humour, 46 parts WTF and about 92 parts for everything else which sounds like a botched recipe but it somehow results to "hey did you see that girl who imitated a chair?" with the occasional "where do I know her from, is this Lindsey Lohan?" and the singular "You're on the front page of Reddit" which a neighbour yelled at me as I was walking to my car one day.
Omg this feels like I'm writing a 2007 Blog post that I'm hoping someone will read...omg now you're reading it. Anyway! In my early childhood I learnt how to use my family 90's Sony Handicam and absolutely fell in love with creating short form, vignette, teaser-trailer, DIY avant-garde music video type stuff - that I'd also star in, direct, choreograph, style and force my friends to be in, we now call this "content". Additionally, low-fi editing has always been one of my favourite hobbies. I had a knack for producing mix tape remixes on my boombox, they were fire like for real - big props to my dance training for gifting me with musicality. And later I developed a knack for iMovie edits, soon advancing to adobe which I played with daily instead of doing homework. I was a comedy nerd that learnt slapstick from imitating the greats, I taught myself stunts in the lounge room, I ran a costume department in the play room and I was conveniently gaining real-life industry experience on stage and screen throughout - so it's fair to say I had all the ingredients for social media covered since the beginning of time.
So nothing about what I do on my social media is really new. Having a flowing spill of ideas, creating, playing and executing in this fashion has been my life for decades, the only difference now is that my ideas have an actual audience, thanks to this wave of spreadable internet culture! But every moment truthfully comes with ease and giddiness as I've never altered my youthful approach to self expression. I'm obsessed with creating in so many mediums but I've particularly loved how current social media platforms can so positively embrace individualism, it's addicting yes but for me it is mostly inspiring and has massively propelled my creativity.
logistically speaking, which is boring to me but some of you ask how and why, who, when, where and what is the process; I'm often a one-woman production. Picked up quick during childhood that It's easier to do it all than trying to explain what I need help with to others, and I genuinely love doing it all. I typically produce 1-10 videos a day... quite literally for no reason, no one's telling me to do this and that's the best way to keep it the most fun for me! I'm not a planner, I'm not a perfectionist, I'm not an over-thinker, I'm definitely not worried about making a fool of myself - I just think of an idea and make it and post it. I don't really like doing what others want me to do, I don't like doing what others are doing, I do love taking the piss out of stuff and do love building this online scrapbook of my life. 
It's been a fun ride so far and I'm chuffed to say I've got a deep pocket full of unexpected viral moments! Whether you've just come across my name and are still wondering how to pronounce it or maybe you've been part of my "content-creator" journey since my homemade music videos on YouTube in the early 2010's, I'm grateful you've stopped by! In the last few years social media has become quite a substantial part of my life and addition to my career. Although I've worked professionally in the entertainment industry for the last 15yrs, I definitely feel my authenticity, personal style and passion for creativity is best represented when doing my self-curated content and so I'm flattered by the people who want to follow me and my journey!

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